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Here I couple treasured preserving memories of my childhood with a wealth of rare & exotic citrus. With local access to hundreds of varieties in the Gene Lester Collection, an array of growers/propagators, and my farmer’s market liaisons; marmalade is an inevitable and passionate part of my repertoire. It has a lore and history that spans the ages...and justly so.

My innovation is that I cook my marmalades with complex blends of juices rather than the traditional water, a flavor boost that balances their sour, bitter and sweet notes. The explosive new flavors that result have garnered ecstatic responses in all who try them! Use these fine marmalades on toast, scones and English muffins, but also with cheese, in a glaze, a marinade, or dessert. I am sure you'll find many ways to enjoy them!

Marmalade: See it being made!

Exclusive Signature Selections Rare Marmalade Trio

Extremely limited selection of rare, exotic, special combination Marmalades. These choices are made in smaller than usual single batches given the finite availability of the remarkable fruit components. They are beautifully presented in a signature box with for a truly memorable and rare gift...

Marrakesh Limetta Marmalade
From a very rare, dimpled, perfumed North African citrus in the Gene Lester Collection. It has a unique, indescribable floral lemon-lime flavor, enhanced here with Bearss lime, Meyer lemon & white grapefruit juices. Superb color and flavor—if anyone were to press me to reveal my favorite child, this would be it. Who knows when I’ll ever be able to make it again!

Citrangequat Marmalade–New!
This rare fruit was developed in the early 1900’s when growers were searching for a variety of citrus that could withstand freezing temperatures, to grow in colder climates. This small, oval, thin-skinned yellow fruit has properties of the kumquat, but mostly has a sharp lemon-lime flavor that makes for a superb marmalade! Another rarely encountered fruit from the renowned Gene Lester Collection in Watsonville, California.

Sudachi Marmalade–New!
Rimiko hails from the Prefecture in Japan where their beloved sudachi citrus is grown, and she appears to be its number one cheerleader in this country. She has worked diligently to provide me with fruit so I could prepare this marmalade. Both sudachi and the similarly perfumed yuzu are used extensively in Japan, in everything from food to bath and beauty products. The fruit is green and very small with a fine thin skin and a remarkable fresh, green and grassy lime flavor. I was able to produce a full batch from what she brought me this year, just accented with a small amount of Meyer Lemon and lime juice. Worth experiencing—even if Rimiko is successful in her crusade, it will be some years before this rare fruit is readily available here, if ever.

All three shipped in the exclusive limited edition signature box (pictured).

Calamondin Marmalade

Though this uncommon varietal originates in the Philippines (where it's also known as calamansi), it it grown privately in Northern California and I am fortunate to have access to this remarkable citrus known to make the very best marmalade. Tiny, delicate, and full of seeds, I used manicure scissors to harvest them, then took several days to cut them. The result was well worth the effort–deep, brilliant, jewel-like color, fine strips of delicate peel and a bright, piquant flavor that dances between mandarin, orange and lime, with a long finish all its own. It rarely gets any better than this! Get yours now, the limited supply never lasts for very long!

Ingredients: Sugar, Calamondin, water, Rangpur lime juice, orange juice, Meyer lemon juice
8 oz.

Black Finger Lime Marmalade - SOLD OUT

It was at the Gene Lester Collection that I first encountered these oddities–natives of Australia that rode the continent as it broke away from Asia. In a more harsh and dry environment they evolved into shrubs with tiny leaves, fierce thorns, and strange, delectable fruit. They are about an inch long with thin peel that runs from a rusty red to green to black, and are filled with tiny green to pink beads, also known as ‘citrus caviar,’ that burst to the bite, releasing a unique, heady floral lime flavor I can only call addictive. Until now they were only a rare curiosity, but Shanley Farms in Moro Bay California have begun growing them commercially, to the delight of chefs and connoisseurs everywhere. At the end of this season I have managed to secure enough fruit for a single batch of marmalade as a special offer to my online customers. Enjoy this miracle of nature while it lasts!

Ingredients: Cane sugar, black finger limes, lime juice, water
8 oz.

Yuzu Marmalade: Online Exclusive

Yuzu is a popular citrus in Japan, an earthy, richly perfumed fruit in a class of its own. Full of seeds and with little juice, its strength is in its heady peel. There is at present little supply and huge demand here, but I was able, by guaranteeing to purchase a grower’s entire crop and picking them myself--very sharp thorns!--to get a better price. Most I made into syrup, but decided to do a bit of marmalade as well. Blended with a bit of Texas lemon, white grapefruit and Meyer lemon juice, it is superb!

Ingredients: yuzu, cane sugar, Texas lemon, water, Meyer lemon & grapefruit juice
8 oz.

Rangpur Lime Marmalade

For the first time I have contacts for enough Rangpur limes to add a single fruit marmalade to my line. The qualities of this fruit that you may have enjoyed in the Rangpur Lime Syrup, Salt-Preserved Rangpur Limes, or the flavor boosts in several of my marmalade blends, embrace their essence here. With thin skin and brilliant color, this bright, smoky sour mandarin orange makes a perfect marmalade. Enjoy on toast, cheese, in marinades, or, as Erik Adkins at The Slanted Door in San Francisco does, in cocktails!

Ingredients: cane sugar, Rangpur limes, Rangpur lime juice, water
8 oz.


Five Grapefruit Marmalade

I pick white cocktail grapefruit, my favorite, from an old tree near downtown Napa, California and blend them with several Gene Lester rarities. The Mandalo and Poorman oranges are both delicious orange-grapefruit hybrids, and the 2 others, Shekwasha and Sacaton citrumelo, are grapefruit-like exotics with notes of passionfruit, mango, pineapple and pine. An even greater proportion of juice here and a blending of the exotic and familiar make this stellar marmalade a rocket-ride of superb flavor, with a long finish, gorgeous color and a perfect set. Wonderful with cheese.

Ingredients: Cane sugar, white grapefruit, water, Poorman orange, Mandalo, Shekwasha, Sacaton citrumelo
8 oz.

Five Lime Marmalade

One of my sharper marmalades and one of my most loved, a lime love-fest of Bearss lime, kaffir lime, Rangpur lime, Tavares limequat, and Palestinian sweet lime, an unusual citrus that contains no acid. Sharp and zesty, great with cheese or as a meat glaze, try it in a marinade with mustard and soy sauce for pork tenderloin. My mother loves it!

Ingredients: Cane sugar, Key limes, Rangpur limes, limequats, kaffir limes, Palestinian sweet limes, water
8 oz.

Five Mandarin Marmalade

Although I am indebted to his generosity for many of my accent exotics, the strength of the Gene Lester citrus collection is in its diversity of mandarin oranges, and I take full advantage of them here. This marmalade blends cut Daisy, Sampson, Oroval, Rangpur, and the exquisite Calamondin, with a host of Satsumas, Clementines and other mandarins in the juice mix. Since the more different flavinoids a marmalade contains, the better, this one is bursting with complex flavor!

Ingredients: mandarin oranges, cane sugar, water, Meyer lemon juice. 

Seville Orange Marmalade

My version of this classic sour orange marmalade blends in a small amount of bergamot orange for its perfume, and Meyer lemon, which has some orange parentage, for complexity. An English friend has dreams of this.

Ingredients: cane sugar, Seville oranges, Bergamot oranges, water, orange juice, Meyer lemon juice
8 oz.

Blood Orange Marmalade

The berry-like tang of deeply colored blood oranges from the DeSantis family is here blended with their Seville oranges and some fine pear vinegar to balance the sweetness of this fruit. For those who lean towards a sweeter marmalade, as well as those who love blood oranges.

Ingredients: Blood oranges, cane sugar, Seville oranges, water, vinegar
8 oz.


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