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The Spring Gift Duo (YOUR choices at a SPECIAL price) added smiles to Mother’s Day and brings unusual panache to Wedding Party Gifts. Or a handsome duo for Father's Day...the ultimate grilling companion for Dad!

Apricot Jam

Many years ago I made an apricot jam from the fully ripe fruit on a neighbor’s tree. I feared I couldn’t duplicate that quality, so I never tried again…until now! I’ve found a source that freezes the fruit at its peak. To this I add dried apricots plumped in a brew of apricot nectar, Sauvignon Blanc wine, Meyer lemon juice, Champagne vinegar, apricot brandy and a host of rare herbs and spices to subtly enhance the flavor of the fruit. The result boasts chunks of gorgeous glowing deeply colored and flavorful fruit that tastes boldly of the apricot flavor it was meant to capture. My new favorite!

Ingredients: apricots, sugar, apricot & lemon juice, wine, vinegar, brandy, pectin, spices.
8 oz.

Coconut Dark Chocolate Sauce

The idea for this sauce has been gestating for some years, but the recent public interest in coconut has brought the final ingredient onto the market, and brought this product to pass. Coconut water joins the thick, rich classic coconut milk to be sweetened with brown sugar, fine dark rum and Madagascar vanilla for a sensuous tropical twist, then blended with a deep 72% dark chocolate. The dreamy result is all it promises and more! And because it is dairy free–a real rarity in chocolate sauces–it is a boon to vegan diets as well!

Ingredients: Dark chocolate, coconut milk, corn syrup, brown sugar, dark rum
8 oz.

$14.00 $11.90 Special Price!
Choose Your Own Artisan Specialty Duo Gift Box

A gift box with the personal touch... Ideal for those who are otherwise hard to buy for. Exceptional Hostess/Host gift too! Choose any TWO items from this array of small batch artisan treats at a SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICE:

Pear Ginger Jam
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
Wild Blueberry Lemon Jam
Fig Jam
Sour Cherry Jam
Raspberry Champagne Jelly
Coconut Dark Chocolate Sauce
Four Orange Chocolate Sauce
Extreme Vanilla Bean Chocolate Sauce
Malted Milk Chocolate Sauce
Deep Dark Chocolate Sauce
Hot Ginger Caramel Sauce
Dark Cherries in Merlot Syrup

Indicate your choices in the NOTES section on the cart page. They will be shipped in a beautiful gazebo box with lush green tissue and grosgrain ribbon (pictured).

Choose Your Own Rare Marmalade Duo Gift Box

Those who savor special Marmalade will have two reasons more to LOVE you! Choose any TWO items from the list below at a SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICE:

Four Orange Marmalade
Rangpur Lime Marmalade
Five Grapefruit Marmalade
Five Lime Marmalade
Five Mandarin Marmalade
Seville Orange Marmalade
Blood Orange Marmalade

Indicate your choices in the NOTES section on the cart page. They will be shipped in a beautiful gazebo box with lush green tissue and grosgrain ribbon (pictured).

Four Orange Chocolate Fruitcake

Ever since Art Pollard introduced himself at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco several years ago, I have been pondering a way to incorporate his work into mine. This maverick chocolate entrepreneur sources his own beans from the most remote places on earth to craft unique single origin chocolate bars. As Amano Artisan Chocolate he has racked up more awards than any other chocolate maker in the world.

Finally I decided that a chocolate-infused fruitcake would work well with several varieties of orange, much like my Four Orange Chocolate Sauce. At his suggestion I have chosen to marry my Seville orange, blood orange, bergamot orange and Rangpur mandarin lime peels with his rich complex Morobe chocolate from Papua New Guinea, one of the wildest places left on earth. You can taste that wildness in memorable layers of flavor that populate every bite!

Ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, eggs, coconut, glaceed apricots and cherries, golden raisins, almonds, pecans, Brazil nuts, walnuts, candied Seville orange, Rangpur mandarin lime, blood orange and bergamot orange peels, orange juice, Morobe chocolate, orange peel brandy, orange oil, baking powder, salt
1 lb.


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