Mission Statement

Every Robert Lambert product is the work of my own two hands and imagination. What I make depends on what comes my way. Every recipe is written with my ingredients in mind and my personal taste and experience to guide me. Unless it’s very different from everything else on the market, I won’t bother to make it.

Once a year I hire help filling holiday orders, but I have no other employees. Since I work with many rare exotics I must often track down sources and harvest the fruit myself, then take it all the way to the final sale.

Browse the photo galleries to get a glimpse of how I work. Though it is often hard physical labor, the beauty of the fruit sustains me.

Shelf Life
All my products are preserved to keep for a long time but must be handled properly. This means no fingers and clean spoons only, keep refrigerated after opening. Because of naturally occurring citric acid the citrus syrups can stay out several weeks if you use them often, but long-term storage requires refrigeration. If something gets grainy with sugar crystals, from marmalade to syrup to caramel sauce, re-heat it to boiling and that will dissolve the crystals and smooth it out again.

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

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