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"I don't believe there's any producer of anything in America that takes as much care and has as much skill coupled with such a brilliant, sensitive imagination! I wish I could afford to give a large box of the marmalades and cakes to everyone I know! They're just stunning. With deepest gratitude for the incredible quality and ongoing evolution of what you make!" - DM, customer, NYC

O Magazine ("Favorite Things" issue 2015): "The Champagne of Fruitcakes"

"… Specifically, try the fruitcakes from California chef Robert Lambert. He makes use of top-quality nuts and fruits - golden raisins from one boutique California grower, an ancient variety of dates from another - that he candies or soaks in specially selected spirits himself." - Wall Street Journal

"California-based Robert Lambert, a one-man gourmet empire. He also makes a mean chocolate fruitcake ." - Market Watch

"In among his pear ginger jam, cranberry orange jam, Meyer lemon lime marmalade and four orange chocolate fruitcake are ingredients like fresh bergamot, Japanese yuzu lime, Celebes papeda - 'citrus and flowers others don't have access to or rarely use." - San Francisco Chronicle

"… Lambert’s extraordinary one-of-a-kind indulgences are sure to impress even the most diehard foodies on your gift list." - Huffington Post

"Robert Lambert's Dark Cherries in Merlot Syrup: These are the anti-maraschinos. Forget those garish red freaks of nature, these cherries are soaked in merlot and deliver a hefty dose of cherry flavor married to a beautiful jammy wine undertone that brings raspberries and fresh floral notes to the table. A touch of vinegar in the mix brings out enough tang to balance the flavor and add nuance to the cherries, as well as the cocktails." - Fox News

Robert Lambert Fruitcake

Majolica Fever (PDF)

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