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Please pardon my bare…
shelves! Robert Lambert is in a major transition - I have left California and returned to my native Wisconsin. The most common reaction to this news is, what about the cold? To which I reply, I’d rather freeze than burn!

Rest assured my product line and devotion to quality will return soon, marmalades, fruitcakes and more, my apologies for any inconvenience, and thanks for your patronage and continued support!

As Always, My Best, Robert Lambert

"I don't believe there's any producer of anything in America that takes as much care and has as much skill coupled with such a brilliant, sensitive imagination! I wish I could afford to give a large box of the marmalades and cakes to everyone I know! They're just stunning. With deepest gratitude for the incredible quality and ongoing evolution of what you make!" - DM, customer, NYC

O Magazine ("Favorite Things" issue 2015): "The Champagne of Fruitcakes"

"… Specifically, try the fruitcakes from California chef Robert Lambert. He makes use of top-quality nuts and fruits - golden raisins from one boutique California grower, an ancient variety of dates from another - that he candies or soaks in specially selected spirits himself." - Wall Street Journal

"California-based Robert Lambert, a one-man gourmet empire. He also makes a mean chocolate fruitcake ." - Market Watch

"In among his pear ginger jam, cranberry orange jam, Meyer lemon lime marmalade and four orange chocolate fruitcake are ingredients like fresh bergamot, Japanese yuzu lime, Celebes papeda - 'citrus and flowers others don't have access to or rarely use." - San Francisco Chronicle

"… Lambert’s extraordinary one-of-a-kind indulgences are sure to impress even the most diehard foodies on your gift list." - Huffington Post

"Robert Lambert's Dark Cherries in Merlot Syrup: These are the anti-maraschinos. Forget those garish red freaks of nature, these cherries are soaked in merlot and deliver a hefty dose of cherry flavor married to a beautiful jammy wine undertone that brings raspberries and fresh floral notes to the table. A touch of vinegar in the mix brings out enough tang to balance the flavor and add nuance to the cherries, as well as the cocktails." - Fox News
Robert Lambert Fruitcake

Majolica Fever (PDF)

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