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Chocolate and Caramel evoke a gamut of emotive responses on their own, but have a mysterious ability to elevate and transform other flavors. My base of whole bar chocolate is enhanced with exceptional ingredients–fresh dairy products from local farms, the finest French cognac, vanilla locally infused by a family that grows their own beans in Madagascar. Every product is carefully chosen to deliver the perfect balance in unique combinations – I humbly and proudly invite you to savor the small batch splendor of my results.... My best, RL

Hot Ginger Caramel Sauce

Sugar cooked golden and rich heavy cream find a perfect match with ginger and my favorite spices in this elegant caramel sauce, touched with a hint of sea salt. That no one else has yet combined these flavors is, I think you will agree is a great oversight! Enjoy with apples or pears, on ice cream, other desserts. I also urge you to use this for my Pears in Puff Pastry, see recipe page. I even like it on baked squash! Use out of thejar or heat gently. Note: I have avoided using corn syrup here, but this means it may crystallize; like honey, just re-heat to melt the crystals.

Ingredients: heavy whipping cream, cane sugar, butter, ginger juice, sea salt, spices
8 oz.

Malted Milk Chocolate Sauce

Rich creamy Swiss milk chocolate blended with malt, triple Madagascar vanilla and Jack Daniels whiskey. With milk and ice cream in a blender, makes a fantastic malt!

Ingredients: Milk and dark chocolate, milk, corn syrup, malt, Jack Daniels whiskey, vanilla
8 oz.

Extreme Vanilla Bean Chocolate Sauce

A Bay Area company that sells vanilla has family in Madagascar and they import their own beans--juicy, fat and supple, the finest I have ever seen. I use their triple-infused vanilla and scrape 20 more beans for every batch, then add a touch of fine brandy in a blend of semi-sweet chocolate and 100% cacao chocolate. Floral and fruity, everyone finds something here to love.

Ingredients: Dark chocolate, milk, corn syrup, vanilla, vanilla beans, brandy
8 oz.

Four Orange Chocolate Sauce

In a classic pairing of orange and chocolate, four varieties of oranges lend their distinct charms: the sharp Seville, the sweet Valencia, the berry-like tang of blood orange & the perfume of bergamot, a variety of sour orange that flavors Earl Grey tea.

Ingredients: dark chocolate, milk, sugar, Valencia, Seville, bergamot & blood oranges, corn syrup, orange oil
8 oz.


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