Dark Fruitcake

Dark Fruitcake

All fruitcakes weigh just over a pound and measure approximately 6" x 3" x 2". Each cake is a carefully crafted taste experience and considered the finest in the marketplace.

Cooks traditionally made both a light and a dark fruitcake. Along with dark colored fruits like dates, prunes and raisins, the molasses, brown sugar, port wine and spices made this cake darker in flavor as well. Since my grandmother's recipe was lost, I worked from many old sources to forge a replica. For spices I chose cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, then my favorite 10-year-old port, pecans and toasted hazelnuts. Walnuts are blanched before toasting to reduce bitterness. I plump dried black figs in Kirsch eau de vie, dried pears Pear William eau-de-vie. Figs, dates, prunes, pears and pecans are all hand-cut.

The traditional glacéed cherries are here, but I’ve added rare exotic citrus that utterly transforms this oft-maligned tradition--my own house-candied peels of bergamot orange, Seville orange, pink grapefruit and pomelo peels, the bizarre fingered Buddha’s hand citron and candied ginger root. Each cake is soaked in Jack Daniels whiskey spiked with herbs and spices, topped with Wisconsin cedar and candied grapefruit peel star.

Ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, eggs, glacéed cherries, raisins, currants, dates, prunes, figs, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, coconut, orange juice, molasses, candied bergamot, Seville orange, pink grapefruit and pomelo peels, candied Buddha’s hand citron, candied ginger, pear and cherry brandy, port wine, Jack Daniels whiskey, baking powder, spices, salt
1 pound



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Dark Fruitcake

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