Lisbon Lemon Marmalade

Lisbon Lemon Marmalade

Pure unrestrained lemon flavor in this fine hand cut marmalade. I tried for years to make a Meyer lemon marmalade but never succeeded to my satisfaction. Not tart enough, thin skins that turned milky when cooked—they just didn’t work for me. My Rangpur lime grower in Carmel had some Lisbon lemon trees, and I began experimenting with them, first as a member of my syrup line.

These are the work horses of the lemon world, all available lemons are either these or Eureka’s, but when they are allowed to ripen and grow to full size—what a difference! Thick heavily scented skin and sharp tart juice make for a perfect marmalade, and leaves me wondering what took me so long to come to that conclusion. No blends here to cloud the primacy of lemon, personified!

Ingredients: cane sugar, Lisbon lemons, Lisbon lemon juice, water
8 oz.



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Lisbon Lemon Marmalade

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