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Think of these as I do, a not-so-simple syrup that can enhance any food with bright, sharp flavor. Since they dissolve without leaving crystals, they're ideal in cold drinks-cocktails, sparkling water, iced tea. Also use them to glaze fruit, drizzle on ice cream, hot breakfast cereal, cottage cheese, a cheese plate or any dessert, add to yogurt, smoothies, whipped cream, to marinades, stir-fries, vinaigrettes, as a finishing sauce on fish, or as a meat glaze. Each flavor offers its own possibilities. Combine different syrups and paint with pure exotic flavor!

For the White Ginger Syrup I long-simmer young spring ginger, infusing spices to enhance its fragrance. For the citrus flavors I juice the fruit, scrape and candy the peels, then remove them and add the juice to the candying syrup. The result, though labor-intensive, unites all the essential oils from the peel with the flavor of the juice, effectively capturing the essence of the whole. No other product does this. Note: The candying step of this process is the reason I must use corn syrup. In the short and long term, it helps keep the long-cooked fruit and sugar from crystallizing, and is less sweet than glucose, allowing the natural flavors to shine.

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