Winter Fruitcake

Winter Fruitcake

All fruitcakes weigh just over a pound and measure approximately 6" x 3" x 2". Each cake is a carefully crafted taste experience and considered the finest in the marketplace.

A variation on my White Fruitcake, this cake features the fruits of summer preserved for winter, fine glacéed apricots from Australia, dried Montmorency cherries, pears and nectarines plumped with guava juice, and this year, apricot juice, Kirsch and Pear William eau de vies. Hunza raisins from far up the Himalayas add a piquant flavor note. The nuts are hand-cut pecans and Brazil nuts, whole blanched toasted almonds and hazelnuts, the peels house-candied grapefruit, blood orange, Lisbon lemon, Seville orange, and Rangpur lime from Carmel Valley.

The batter is similar to the White Fruitcake, but with apricot juice and guava nectar instead of orange juice, and scented with cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla. The soaking brandy here is infused with the rare champagne geranium leaves I grow, the perfect compliment. Garnished with a Seville orange peel flower and Wisconsin cedar.

Ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, eggs, coconut, glacéed apricots, dried cherries, pears, nectarines; Hunza raisins, hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, Brazil nuts, candied Lisbon lemon, Rangpur lime, blood orange & pink grapefruit peel, guava and apricot juice, herb-infused brandy, vanilla, baking powder, spices and salt
1 pound



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Winter Fruitcake

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