Exclusive Signature Collection: Rare Marmalade Trio
Exclusive Signature Collection: Rare Marmalade Trio
Exclusive Signature Collection: Rare Marmalade Trio 1

Exclusive Signature Collection: Rare Marmalade Trio

A special selection of my rarest, most exotic marmalades, beautifully presented in a signature box for a truly memorable gift...

Marrakesh Limetta Marmalade
A very rare dimpled North African citrus from the Gene Lester Collection, bears little fruit but exudes a haunting floral lemon-lime scent. Low in acid, it’s enhanced here with Bearss lime, Meyer lemon & white grapefruit juices. Superb color and flavor—if anyone were to press me to reveal my favorite child, this would be it. Only available here.

Black Finger Lime Marmalade
These oddities are natives of Australia, citrus that rode the continent as it broke from Asia and evolved with tiny leaves, fierce thorns, and strange, delectable fruit. They are tiny, about an inch long with thin peel that runs from green to black, and filled with tiny green to pink beads, also known as ‘citrus caviar,’ that burst to the bite, releasing a unique, heady floral lime flavor I can only call addictive. A delight to chefs and connoisseurs everywhere.

Calamondin Marmalade
Also known as calamansi and popular in the Philippines, this remarkable citrus is known to make the very best marmalade. Tiny, delicate, and full of seeds, I use manicure scissors to harvest them, then take days to cut them, using lamp and tweezers to locate and remove the seeds. The result is well worth the effort–deep, brilliant, jewel-like color, fine strips of delicate peel and a bright, piquant flavor that dances between mandarin, orange and lime, with a long finish all its own.

Shipped in the exclusive limited edition signature box (pictured).


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Exclusive Signature Collection: Rare Marmalade Trio

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